Denise was my angel today! I called her after reading several of her outstanding YELP reviews. She picked up right away and we dove into all my questions. She helped me clarify my priorities and show me the best options. As someone who honestly did not jump out of bed today exclaiming, “Wow, today is the day I get to research and apply for a new health insurance plan!”, I am grateful to report  that I in this moment I feel educated, reassured that I have some great options, and ready to apply.

I am really grateful to have another health advocate in my life. Thank you, Denise!

— Leah


Denise —

I worked with you to land my plan of Blue Shield health insurance. You were great, quick, easy, hassle-free, painless! Thank you!

— Andrew


Dear Denise,

Thank you for helping us to find the best health insurance coverage for us. Having you as our broker has made things go so much more smoothly and quickly.

— Mirta